Through my eyes and in my mind. I can only be who I am and show what I see.

I am a photographer of people with a preference for high contrast black and white portraits. I realise that it’s easier to make a portrait than have one taken. How often do we have our portraits made? So I’d like to take some time to really look at someone and find what makes them who they are and if I get the chance to give the image a little twist, I sure will. That’s what makes a portrait stand out I think.

Besides portraits I love to make a few wedding documentaries a year, which is always a challenge and very hard work, but more than satisfying to capture the moments, details and emotions and deliver a document that’s already history at the end of the day.

To get rid of the restless feeling that I always have to create and try to find ways of telling my story and show how I see the world and the people around me, I shoot what I see and astonishes me or gives me this uncanny feeling. With these images I try to tell stories, as well as in Photoshop as in the way they are printed, collaged and pasted in little handmade folios and books.

This is what makes me happy!