Surreal artphotography – ‘The residents of my mind’

“Through my eyes and in my mind. I can only be who I am and show you what I see.”

Sometimes life is a bitch and things start to unfold around you that you didn’t count on. Sleepless & silent nights can make your mind taking you for a ride.

At that point I took the liberty of total creative freedom in starting to make intuitive surreal artphotography to unfold the strange and surreal images & stories deep within my mind, which cannot be explained nor understood.

The dreamlike surreal figures, somewhere between photography, digital painting & collage are essentially inventions of the mind, rather than studies of reality and have some weird and dark feeling to them. It is my full intention not to give answers to why the characters are in their slightly disturbing positions, I willingly create confusion and force you to look more closely. The artworks are open for interpretation and identification by the viewer.

Some recurring issues I investigate are family, childhood, relations, depression and many other questions that occur during the proces of making.

Subtle details and facial expressions, unusual poses and poetry are the elements used in my visual world. The characters seem to live in another unknown world (the mind) and it feels like they are trying to tell you something? The difficulty in how to interpret peoples facial expressions in what they mean is often shown by using twin faces. I am fascinated by the small differences and alikeness. Unusual accessories are used to give the characters their ‘identity’. It never really fits to what we know, but is recognizable at the same time. Looking at them creates more questions than answers.

My work is very personal and I hope to engage the viewer to project his own story, so the work will become his. My interpretations are completely irrelevant in this context. This is also why the works are numbered and have no titles.

Works are available through Sophie Maree Gallery in The Hague, Netherlands.

Three girls in blue - Surreal artphotography
Surreal artwork of ‘triplets’ in blue.

Mediums: Digital, Photo, New Media