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I am always looking for more than ‘just’ an image and from that feeling I start creating series of unusual figurines, which were described by other people as dreamlike, surreal, fantastic, romantic or weird and dark.

I place my figures in the center of an empty space. Unusual accessories and extra layers are used to give the characters their ‘identity’. It never really fits to what we really know, but is recognizable at the same time. Looking at them creates more questions than answers. I work very intuitively and never start with a preset theme or subject.

Photography from my own digital library, papercuts, old photographs and found footage are my starting point in creating surreal montages, collages and installations, dealing with inner thoughts, feelings, dreams and memories. My work is very personal but I hope to engage the viewer to project his own story, so the work will become his own. My interpretations are completely irrelevant in this context. Faces are often not there or (partly) hidden, which makes them unfamiliar. Some recurring issues I investigate are family, childhood, relations, depression, feelings and many other questions that occur when creating the final images. I love to work in black and white, because I am always distracted by colours and give myself the freedom to use all kind of techniques to get what I need in an image. This results in papercuts which are scanned to a digital file, sometimes combined with digital photos from my library, than printed and given more layers by cutting them again or adding items again.

What is real? I believe, even when looking of a photo of a real situation or person, we interprete it in our own way and fill in the story in our mind. The final image is photographed again and available as a digital print.

Sometimes I feel the need to rework a print and paste it on wood and add some finishing layers like glue, lackers, paint, beeswax etc. which results in a unique piece that relates more to painting than photography sometimes.

I hope you enjoy my work and if have any questions or requests, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me.