(No) Hair series & LensCulture!

Today I received an email from LensCulture, with the following text:

Hi Corina,

As part of our mission in discovering the best of contemporary photography, we have completed our annual review of all submissions to our competitions. We wanted to let you know your entry to the Emerging Talet Awards 2016 was among the Top 10% of all entries we received in 2016. Congratulations!

During our competitions, all submissions are rated in the review process. For our annual review, we then look at the ratings of ALL submissions across ALL competitions we had this year and notify photographers who had highly-rated submissions. It’s an impressive accomplishment considering we get thousands of submissions from 145 countries!


So again, I can say thanks to all children I have photographed for the series (no)hair, portraits of Alopecia. You’re all beautiful!